Dee Christopher

The Dee Christopher Collection

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A stunning collection of all of Dee Christopher's self-published work in mentalism over the last 15 years. This collection includes hundreds (if not thousands) of pages and hours of video.

Everything is easy to do, clear to follow and the routines and gimmicks can all be constructed at home. 

Inside this expansive downloadable collection of worker's material, you will find:

Article 3: Dee's solution for the 3 article test.

Astral Psychometry: Dee's last book on modern mystical mentalism, featuring stand out pieces from his working repertoire. (Including SAINT, the most talked about effect from his Penguin Live Act)

Deep Shadows: A decade of releases, hundreds of pages, all compiled into one volume, with a plethora of routines and make at home mentalism devices.

Deeper Still: Another 100 pages to expand Deep Shadows.

Pure Psychometry: A powerful and fooling psychometry act.

Block: A versatile and quick to construct peek gimmick, which invisibly sits inside a stack of business cards, giving you direct access to your participants' thoughts.

October: Haunted Deceptions. A collection of the darker style of magic Dee has explored over the years; including living and dead tests, and even a routine with real human teeth!

Triptic: The most deceptive one ahead you will ever learn!

Metal: An early video download of Dee's mental bending work.

Pasteboard Duet: Two video downloads of mentalism with cards.

Weapons Of Mass Deception: Two new effects taught on video with an ebook attached. This includes Death-O-Scope, a phenomenal underground pulse stop technique with a stethoscope! 

Zodiac: Downloadable, marked Zodiac cards that you can print at your local printshop or makeplayingcards(dot)com - Designed by esteemed designer; Matt Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art.

The District System: An impromptu, versatile system for knowing which item a participant picks up. This can also be used for a free and fair "Free Will" style routine, among many other routines!

Stapled: The original video download of the Stapled billet peek. A devious secret gimmick allows you to look inside of a billet that has been fairly stapled up.

PYO: Print your own booktest. Full manuscript and cover options that you can edit or print at your favourite print on demand service. (Full instructions are included).

Linguistic Deceptions: A collection of linguistic techniques that can create the illusion of mind reading. This also includes ANATE, the secret technique that put Dee Christopher on the map.




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