Starcraft - Lewis Lé Val (Black Friday)

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StarCraft by Lewis Lé Val is a new and unique way to divine a spectator's star sign almost instantly.

Lé Val has developed a brilliant gimmick which lives in your wallet; A fully examinable, 100% plastic card that does almost all the work for you.

Using a devious technique, a succinct combination of new and updated methods, your spectator literally cues you their sign without ever knowing that they are doing so.

A single plastic card is given to your participant, they find their sign amongst the 12 and without them saying anything out loud; they simply think of two elements on the card and you immediately know.

Points to remember:

No memory work
No maths
No anagrams
No difficult or lengthy instructions

This simple prop is used to create a propless feel, and could even be repeated immediately.

Multiple handlings of this powerful routine are included, along with a bonus handling from Dee Christopher. There’s also a version using your Razor wallet, adding yet another incredible use to Razor’s mind blowing possibilities!

Alongside the core methodology, Le Val has packed the ebook full of his ingenious subtleties to create maximum believability and impact from minimal props.



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