Sensory Intelligence - Steven Palmer

Sensory Intelligence - Steven Palmer


Sensory Intelligence (S.I.) is a solid, well thought out routine from underground mentalist Steven Palmer. (See him live at The Event 2018, hosted by Luke Jermay.)

With just a few business cards and a pen, you'll be able to create a number of incredible moments for your audiences.

S.I. is a routine focused on the art of graphology, using this premise to read the mind of your participant and reveal multiple names of important people to them with 100% accuracy, every time.

Alongside the name reveals, Steven also offers some variants and alternate endings to strengthen the routine even further.

It doesn't end there; Dee Christopher also offers his thinking on the routine, merging it with his popular "Falling Coins" effect from the book Deep Shadows, and introduces a very clever way to predict three rounds of a "Which Hand" routine. This could be use stand alone, but when matched with S.I. it will create a mind blowing routine with several twists and turns to captivate your audience.

Available for a limited time only, Sensory Intelligence is only available here at DeeChristopher.Rocks.