Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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Vintage style. The perfect guide.

Arthur Edward Waite (1857-1942) was a leading scholar of the occult who produced the Rider Waite deck in 1910 in collaboration with artist Pamela Colman Smith.

It has been the best selling Tarot deck of the twentieth century.

Each card is rich in symbolism and clear in its design. While some believe that it doesn't have the more modern appeal of some recently published decks, there are many subtleties within the brushstrokes of these paintings, which means that years after starting to use this deck you will be noticing new details.

A classic tool for the curious and experienced reader alike.

The Tarot is a specific system that has 78 cards in total. There are 4 suits (referred to as the minor arcana) and 22 other cards (referred to as the major arcana). Each card represents a specific energy. And each card, through the picture on the card, is trying to help you to feel the specific energy of that card.



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