Razor Wallet - Crimson (Black Friday)

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Crimson Razor Wallet + 3x Instructional Videos

"The ONLY wallet I'll use!" -Lewis Le Val

"By FAR the best of its kind!" -Alan Rorrison

"I LOVE it! A low profile and quality prop that naturally hides in plain sight for ENDLESS possibilities!" -Dan Sperry

"This is the best mentalism device I've seen in many years! Bar none." -Steven Palmer


The razor wallet is a devilish new tool for the modern mind reader.

Whether you’re a magician who likes to throw some mental magic into your set or a mentalist who is looking for a powerful and deceptive device to access your participants thoughts, THIS is for you.

Crafted from the ground up by master artisans to Dee's exact specifications, this is the kind of wallet that looks right at home in the front pocket of any modern mystery artist.

Razor gives you a full peek of any business card, billet or index card that is placed up against a loyalty card in the most innocent looking card holder wallet.

Dee designed this wallet to be fashionable and unisex. It is made from cruelty free materials so that everyone can add Razor to their EDC, regardless of their gender and lifestyle.

Not only will you get a powerful peek with this device, also included is a unique handling for a visual card to wallet where the audience actually sees the very moment their card appears inside the ID window.

Very limited stock is available after a complete sell out at the Blackpool Magic Convention; don't miss out - Add Razor to your EDC today!


Videos: Shot by Loki Films. Cut & Coloured by P3 Europe.

Crimson Wallet Photos: By Iberian Black Arts / Threnody In Velvet



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