Pure Psychometry by Dee Christopher

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In Pure Psychometry, Dee Christopher reveals his powerful and deceptive method for the classic psychometry act, and more...

The act plays like this:

1. The performer hands out several velvet, drawstring bags to members of the audience, each bag contains a pen and a piece of card. (NB: The card is totally optional - but I teach you how to use it to get even more hits!)

2. The chosen audience members are instructed to place an item of personal value into the bag, fill out the card with their personal details so they can be sure they will get their item back and finally draw the strings.

3. The final member of this group is asked to collect the bags, mix them and bring them up to the performer, before returning to their seat.

4. The chosen audience members are asked to stand. One by one, the performer begins to pick up on details about each item and successfully names the person it belongs to, with the final two reveals happening simultaneously to bring the act to a close.

The beauty of the Pure system is that the bags are examinable, the special system that tells you who each item belongs to is both psychologically and physically invisible, unless you activate it!

Alongside the method and structure of the routine, you will also learn some theories relating to the performance of psychometry acts and even an easy to apply system that will improve your skills at giving readings for objects and prevent you from ever struggling to find the lines to say again.

Within this ebook download, you are given direct links to buy the perfect bags and the perfect "special something" for extremely low prices, in fact, to construct this solid 10-12 minutes of mentalism entertainment will cost you less than £20, the props will last forever and the whole act will fit in a bumbag. (The bumbag is also optional, I tend to use my jacket pocket...)

Pure Psychometry is just £15 for this week only, and as we're all stuck inside, now seems like the right time to be learning new routines!

Merry Xmas, and keep safe!



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