PURE: Psychometry by Dee Christopher

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A question and answer/mind reading routine for walkaround and stand up performance.


During the Black Friday promotion, you will receive a free download of Astral Psychometry (worth £25) with your purchase of Pure; a 100+ page book which contains a number of powerful effects as well as some theory which can be applied to the PURE routine.


PURE: PSYCHOMETRY is all in the hands and with no gimmicks, no reset and no difficult moves. Perfectly pure Mentalism for professional entertainers.


Imagine this:

You hand out cards and envelopes to any number of participants and instruct them to write a piece of information or a question on the card, before placing it in the envelope.

The participants mix up the envelopes themselves and hand the stack back to You.

One by one; you mystically reveal each piece of information, or answer each question while the each card is still in it’s envelope.

You know the information AND who it belongs to. There are no markings on the card, yet you will still know without fail.


What makes this particular Psychometry method exciting is that everything in play is completely normal and un-gimmicked.

There is no set up or preparation of any kind, the well thought out structure and choreography does all the work for you.


Many of us have been in the situation where we’ve travelled to an engagement and our bags haven’t arrived. With the knowledge contained within this ebook, you will now always be ready to amaze and mystify with a professional routine that will play for any sized event, be it close up or stage.

  • No marked cards
  • No gimmicked envelopes
  • No dummy billets
  • No difficult moves
  • No table or jacket required
  • Easy and fluid choreography
  • Will work for Q&A or Mind Reading Applications

If you’re searching for pure and powerful Mentalism, your search is over.


Unlock the secret to PURE: PSYCHOMETRY today, and start learning instantly.



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