Oracle Card by Dee Christopher & Lewis Lé Val

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4 years in the making, The Oracle Card is a single, thin plastic card (credit card sized) which you can keep in your wallet to perform several feats of mind reading, or as a base to get information to 'heat' up your psychic readings.

With this beautifully designed asset, You will be able to discover:

  • Your spectator's star sign (with no questions or language restrictions.)
  • A thought of number (with a numerological presentation that you can base a reading on.)
  • A thought of ESP symbol (with proof that their decision was influenced by external forces.)

All this is possible with the single card, using different methods for each effect, meaning that you can perform all three as a routine without any repeating processes or presentational requirements.

Often, wallet sized mentalism requires multiple cards, or sacrifice effect for method restrictions. With Oracle, the effects are strong and the methods are invisible. The card is also thinner than a standard credit card; adding to the believable nature of the prop, but also allowing you to keep it alongside a normal credit card in your wallet so it takes up almost zero space.

There are no forces in place, the card is designed to deliver you the information, so your spectators' choices remain free.

The Oracle Card has been designed to look like a giveaway from "Psychic Waves" magazine, to apparently be used with a quiz in the magazine that it came with.

Each effect is designed to create a strong moment of mentalism, and the methods are within everyone's grasp, regardless of skill level.



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