NightSky 2.0 (Black Friday)

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Gimmick + Instructions

NightSky was originally published as a basic drawing duplication using a set of 5 ESP cards; it was published in a few places and it served me well for a good few years. However, in 2017 I took the time to craft a brand new method and presentation, I also prepared some brand new props that took it from a pretty cool routine to a solid, commercial performance piece for close up mentalists. 

All the props will fit in your wallet and the impact is immense.

The Effect: 

The performer takes a Poloroid picture from his/her wallet/pocket and lays it face down on the table. It is explained that this was a picture taken in the spur of the moment based on a feeling a few weeks ago, and it will act as the base for a unique experiment.

5 ESP cards are shown and fairly mixed, the participant simply peeks (a free choice of any of the cards) at one of these and using the symbol they peeked, they will begin to build up a scene in their mind, like a landscape photograph. For instance, if they peeked a circle, they might associate that with the sun, and build a beach scene in their mind. 

Once they have revealed the details of the scene they have in mind, they turn over the photograph themselves to reveal that the image in their mind is eerily similar to the photo the performer took weeks before, and not only that; a note is penned at the bottom of the photograph, which reveals the symbol they would be drawn to!

- You will be supplied with the 5 very special ESP cards, alongside the Poloroid picture and full instructions. These are professional props that will last a lifetime.

- No language restrictions, the props are symbols and an image, so they will work anywhere in the world.

- The participant is free to mix the cards themselves.

- The Poloroid is completely examinable at the end and may be fairly isolated throughout the routine, (in your participant's pocket, for instance) yet it will always match the image in their mind.

- The gimmicks make this completely self working, there is no sleight of hand required.

- The special ESP cards can also be used for other routines of your own creation.

I'm obsessed with routines which take up little pocket space and gain the maximum impact; with these simple props in your pocket, you have a commercial and unique performance piece ready to go at all times. 



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