Guild: Luxury ESP Cards

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From the desk of Dee Christopher comes the ultimate luxury deck of ESP cards for mentalists.

With a beautifully modern, minimalist design; the Guild ESP Cards project an intense feeling of class, alongside a professional look.

Printed in Asia on a German 330GSM 'Superior Smooth' card stock with a casino grade black core layer and gold foil guilting on each edge, the Guild ESP Cards elevate every performance to artistry.

The elegantly minimal back of the cards features the greek letter "Psi". 

"Psi" acts as the term parapsychologists use to generically refer to all kinds of psychic phenomena, experiences, or events that seem to be related to the psyche, or mind, and which cannot be explained by established physical principles.

Each deck of 25 ESP cards is supplied with a Star/Waves double faced gaff card (for routines such as Max Maven's Shape-Up from VideoMind) and a beautiful black velvet drawstring bag to keep your Guild deck in perfect condition.

Note: These cards come unmarked for genuine ESP testing. For mentalists, however, a marking system is taught on the accompanying instruction sheet.



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