Eclipse ESP Cards

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*pre-order from the next batch arriving January*

For the last couple of years, I have been working on a brand new marking system for ESP cards.

The eclipse system is fast, the markings are discreet and they are very easy to spot from a large distance, or up close.

once you see the marks you cannot unsee them, there is no deciphering of what a mark means and you literally need a split second glance to clock which card they hold.

The marks can be read from any way up, so you don’t have to worry about your participants shuffling the deck or even washing them across the table.

and speaking of washing... The cards are printed on thin, but sturdy matte plastic, black ink on white cards (to ensure the marks are visible in any light). They are incomparably more robust than standard playing cards; they don’t tear, they can get completely soaking wet and can be used in extreme temperatures with zero warping. 

Eclipse ESP comes in two different designs; the standard ESP symbols (re drawn in a classy, modern way) and the Elemental symbols, for more mystical routines. Choose your deck from the drop down menu, or buy both at a discounted rate.

Each deck of 25 cards comes with an extra double backed card and a double faced card (star/waves or fire/water depending on your deck) for use in your favourite routines.

If you’ve ordered anything in the last few months, you’ll notice that everything is now sent with full worldwide tracking at no extra cost to you (still the same flat rate as always!), which I feel is vital at this time. You will receive an automatic dispatch email with your tracking number when your package is on it’s way! :) 

As for routines, you will be provided with my close up ESP act; which has a beginning, a middle and an end, though each effect can be used separately if you so desire!



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