Dead Cut by Steven Palmer

Dead Cut by Steven Palmer


"[Dead Cut] is very well constructed and cleverly composed, but I am certain will be the perfect piece for many magicians who wish to bridge the worlds of the magic they have become known for and mentalism. This routine will be worth ten times the price paid to those who recognise the way in which this narrative-driven piece can become, in the right hands with the right storytelling, a signature routine that will allow a traditional magician to segue directly into the performance of hardhitting mentalism." Luke Jermay

Steven Palmer's Dead Cut is one of the only playing card effects that will sit perfectly in a mentalism set, as well as the set of a sleight of hand magician.

Effect: Offering to give the spectators an insight into how the performer gained his intuitive abilities or the ability to read people, he offers a demonstration of the infamous game of “Dead Cutting”, traditionally an underground routine played between mobsters at the end of high stakes poker games.

Offering to demonstrate the game, the performer proceeds to tell the spectator to cut to any card in the deck and to look at its face. Then they are asked to shuffle the cards in their hands, to count them and then to bury the packet of cards into the remainder of the deck and to shuffle the deck as a whole again.

The performer emphasises the fairness of this procedure before revealing the thought-of card in a pseudo “card tell” procedure.

He also tells the spectator the number of cards he had and then, as a finale, he takes a second or two to prepare himself, before making one swift cut into the shuffled deck, to show the spectator he has “dead cut” cut to their selection.

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