D: Double Feature by Dee Christopher

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"D" by Dee Christopher is a double feature ebook, which contains the effects "Hollow Man" and "The Devil's Cut."

Both of these effects use wildly different methods to achieve very different effects, but they do have one thing in common and that thing in common will lead to an important lesson!

Both of these close-up routines will work for the mystical and the psychological performer and the methods are completely bulletproof - These are effects that will work over and over again in real environments for real people, the instructions are simple and straight forward, no weird processes are required and they will blow the minds of your spectators.

"Hollow Man" is an effect using two regular business cards and a pen that allows you to reveal a thought from your spectators simply by hovering your hand over the card with their thought written upon it.

Utilising some wonderfully visual choreography and a deceptive method, you will have a solid routine to slot directly into your table set.


"The Devil's Cut" is an effect that uses a prop that you probably have locked away in your magic drawer and would have never thought to use it in your mentalism work. (Don't worry, despite the use of the word 'cut' in the title, it's not a card trick!)

This is a "which hand" style prediction routine that is the perfect opener; it puts the spectators on your side, gives a participant a chance to show the others how strong their intuition is and establishes your powers just as well with a powerful finish! This routine can be performed in as little as 3 minutes, it's quickfire, strong and warms the audience to you, making it the ideal way to open with any group!


This is a 16 page ebook covering both effects in full detail, with some history and crediting, suggestions and other thoughts throughout.

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