Black Friday: Deal Two

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For Black Friday this year, I'm running a seven deals over seven days, culminating in two new releases on Black Friday!

Deal Two has a couple of my favourite recent releases; the Block video download and the 1984 envelope (shipped product).

As Block is a digital download; You'll be able to learn some of my most powerful and versatile thought reading work with business cards, while you're waiting for your package to arrive in the mail. The instructions for 1984 will also be included as an instant download, so by the time your package arrives, you'll know exactly how to use your device, right out of the box!


"I love your envelope!" Mark Chandaue

"Dee's envelope will have your mind overflowing with ideas. They can be used for predictions, telepathy demonstrations, and even psychometry. Those are the things I have played around with but you can do much much more. This is a tool limited only by your imagination! I don't leave home without mine. Get yours while you can." Lance Sinclair

"This is the best envelope I've ever used. SO GOOD! Put me down for a million of them!" Lewis Lé Val

George Orwell believed information would be at risk and cameras would rule out everyday life.

With Dee Christopher's "1984" no information is safe.

Just like the cameras that Orwell spoke of, this diabolical tool is hidden in plain sight and yet, they'll never realise it's there.

You hand a black envelope to your spectator; you ask them to hold it up to the light, checking that it's completely opaque. 

they open the envelope, reach inside and pull out a card. There is nothing else in the envelope.

They are to write or draw ANYTHING on the card, as large or small as they like. It's placed back inside the very same, examined envelope. The envelope is placed between their hands and you INSTANTLY know what they have written or drawn.

Think of "1984" as a window envelope, but without the window.

It looks completely normal in every way and can be handled freely by your spectator, but at any point, you can activate the secret gimmick; revealing the secret information.

There's nothing mechanical, nothing added or taken away and no moves. 

No impression devices, or extra gimmicks. Everything is self contained. 

This isn't simply an "edited" store bought envelope; this envelope has been designed from the ground up by Dee Christopher and realised, machine cut and hand crafted by Jamie Daws on high quality black card stock. It will last performance after performance.

As well as the 1984 envelope, we've also included a matching regular envelope, switching the envelope is NOT necessary, but we've included this for completeness.


"Oh boy, what a clever man Dee is. Simple gimmick to make, solid full p##k, and great ideas from the mind of a clever gentleman. An excellent tool to achieve mind reading." Pablo Amira

"Get it. Trust me." Tom Mullenger

"Block is one of the best peek devices I've EVER used!" Lewis Lé Val

"It's rare that I'm fooled, but this TOTALLY fooled me. I'm going to make one now!" Peter Antoniou

"This is really smart, and not at all what I expected!" Ken Dyne

"The Block Peek was a surprise and revelation. It also offers considerable advantages over some other peeks - you get a full card peek and the peek needn't be rushed. A strong 9/10." NeilS (MagicCafe)

"This is one of those 'slap your face I should have thought of this' moments... Its a peek I LOVE to use and I'm glad he's finally getting this out there on a bigger scale!" Alan Rorrison

Dee Christopher finally divulges the FULL work on his BLOCK concept. You could walk into a room with just this gimmick and blow the minds of the entire room, one by one. 

The reset is instant.

The construction will take you 30 seconds.

The handling is logical, fun and easy to do.

The Block Concept was a stand out piece from the book "Deeper Still" and gained a lot of attention when it was briefly covered in Dee's Penguin Live Lecture.

Never before has this much detail gone into the construction of the devious gimmick and the un-gimmicked versions (which you will LOVE!) have never been published before.

This is not a short, 5 minute download. Dee takes over 40 minutes to discuss the intricacies of this amazing method, as well as interweaving tid-bits of theory and advice to apply to your own performances.

This deal will never be repeated, so don't miss out - With these two tools alone, you will be able to walk into any room and read the minds of every single person!



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