Black Friday: Deal Three

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"Dee Christopher is one of the most skilled and talented mentalists that I have met throughout the last 8 years of engaging, testing, judging and watching amazing individuals perform in front of me! His look is cool, mysterious and he projects an aura of mysticism around himself and throughout his act! If you want to be mystified and astonished, I highly recommend him!" - Uri Geller

In today's deal, you'll get a download card for my 5 star rated Penguin Live Lecture - a FOUR HOUR event in which I perform and teach many of my classic and unpublished effects! You'll also receive the printed version of Blackheart & Bourbon; which is a book that has many more inventive and unique pieces of mentalism.


A charmer, a true “rock ‘n’ rolla” and a master of deception and trickery, Dee Christopher is the UK’s leading alternative magician.

Quicksilver - A beautiful, interactive metal bending routine with fluid visual bends and twists.

Syn - A coin bending routine in which two coins bend, using just sleight of hand and a clever linguistic ploy that you can use elsewhere too!

Legion - A 'hidden in plain sight’ gimmick that allows you to create hands off card forces, perform mind reading, hallucination effects and more. Takes 2 minutes to set up, and you only have to do it once.

Broken Wings - A gimmicked note pad with which you can force cards or pictures, create automatic writing effects, peek information and much, much more!

Triptic - An evolution of Broken Wings that allows you to destroy your audiences with a triple prediction!

Kill Scene - A horror movie themed confabulation style effect, with none of the work!

Eye Candy - Two chocolate bars switch places visually!

Syllacode - A two person code that works in ANY language, with no memory required and as long as your confederate knows the ultra-simple secret, you’re set to go. (Feat Dan Harlan)

The New Black - A thought of word on a thought of ESP card. (Or playing card!)

Sevens + RAZOR - A selected weapon is predicted, before the prediction visually turns into the spectator's weapon of choice.

Falling Coins - Prove that you can influence which way three coins will fall, in your spectator’s hands, without touching anything.

Rush - A close up Russian roulette style effect with cigarette lighters.

Plus MUCH more!


Blackheart & Bourbon:

Black Heart & Bourbon is the latest collection of Dee Christopher's tricks, techniques & thoughts for magicians and mentalists.
With NINE brand new, never before seen effects; this collection is full to the brim of amazingly versatile methods, well crafted routines and clever psychological elements that will not only give you enough workable material to fill a full show, but your creative juices will start to flow too as you learn the secrets within!
The spectator is asked to think of two thoughts and changes their mind several times. A coin is tossed out of the sight of the performer, whether it lands heads or tails determines the thought the spectator is to focus on. The correct thought is identified AND the thought is revealed!

A diabolical system for use with cards, photos or business cards which can create an amazing array of effects for magicians and mentalists including drawing duplications, thought reading and preshow uses.

A clever 'hidden in plain sight' device that costs pennies to make, but will allow you to create a multitude of effects including (but not limited to) colour sensing, card cheating demonstrations and thought reading routines.

A colour sensing routine using the DCB and another method that buries the gimmick even deeper. This has and will continue to fool magicians just as well as your audiences. 6 cards (from a borrowed, shuffled deck) are simply touched on the face while the performers head is turned away. Each card's colour is identified through the fingertips exclusively.

A fun and emotionally hooking routine in which a participant thinks of their first kiss. They are transported back to that time of their life and you receive impressions, finally revealing the name of the person they are thinking about. 

Several drinks are on a table. The performer turns their back as the participant takes a sip of one of these drinks. After a moment of concentration, the performer can taste and reveal the chosen drink. All of this can genuinely happen out of the performer's sight, (or with a genuine blindfold) and the choice is completely free. This is completely baffling and will work in a close up environment just as well as on stage.

A participant is brought to the stage an asked to think of a word that describes their personality. You give them an accurate reading, reveal their starsign and the word they are thinking of!! Nothing is ever written down and the participant is just as blown away as the audience!!

An over the phone prediction. Email the client/interviewer a YouTube link, the video inside contains a detailed prediction of decisions that they make by themselves in a visualisation you walk them through. No force or equivoque is in place, this looks and feels ultra clean.



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