Black Friday: Deal One

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"Dee leads, his repertoire follows, and the path he has walked has become an amazing legacy.” Daniel Madison

Deal One is an insane discount on my best-selling ebooks "Deep Shadows" and "Deeper Still."

Not only will you get these two amazing collections, both of which are packed full of strong, unique and workable mentalism (including an hour of video instruction); you will also receive my first publication "How To Get Away With Murder" absolutely free!

All this for a MASSIVE 70% saving! 

This deal starts the Black Friday event off with a bang, with an insane amount of content for less than a supermarket bottle of bourbon!

Deep Shadows: Featuring a foreword by Daniel Madison and an incredible expanse of magic, mentalism, routines and utilities spread across more than 250 pages, Deep Shadows is a rare insight into the mind and repertoire of a working mentalist. 
Within the leaves of this tome, you will learn the following:
•     How to construct amazing gimmicks that will take your mentalism and magic
        to the next level.

•     How to bend silverware with just your words.

•     How to predict choices made in several different ways, close up and on stage.

•     How to stop a spectator’s watch without touching them or having to wear heavy

•     How to secretly code information to a confederate in any language.

•     How to turn a normal looking notepad into a weapon of mass deception by adding
        switching and peeking capabilities.

•     How to perform an ‘Out of this World’ effect in the hands

•     How to visually twist your veins into thought-of letters.

•     How to perform the classic haunted key effect with a normal key
        in your spectator’s hand.

As well as all of this amazing material, Dee divulges his thinking on many different subjects including how to learn verbal deception, how to structure your acts, and many other subjects vital to the performing mentalist.
Whether you're just branching out into mentalism, or you're a seasoned mentalist looking for a greater insight into your craft, you'll find what you need in Deep Shadows.
Deep Shadows 2 - Deeper Still: 

International bestseller "Deep Shadows" put Dee Christopher on the map as a creative and low-tech creator of hard hitting and direct magic & mentalism. "Deeper Still" carries on this trend, introducing many new effects, gimmicks and techniques; laced with advice and unique thinking throughout.

 32,500 words across 130 full colour pages + over an hour of streaming video + printable file set to download.

(From Dee) "I've scoured my notebooks to put together another collection of my favourite material - This is direct, and solid material. Every method is REAL, there are no 'pipe dream effects' or methods that could fail. As a professional, you need reliable material that's been through the trenches. THIS is your next stop to collect that gold..."

How To Get Away With Murder:

Dee Christopher exposes the his methodology to recreate the trickery, deception and fraud under taken by the world’s leading psychics, psychokinetics and mediums.
Unlike other studies of this nature in the parapsychological world, the author’s background lies in the art of conjuring, sleight of hand and mentalism. You will learn how to replicate these demonstrations.
All this is available as an instant download delivered instantly to your inbox after payment!



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