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Bell - Dee Christopher

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Bell is an ebook download that discusses creating your own spirit bell for close up performances.

You only need two simple items to create a bell that will ring at your command, while isolated. You can use the bell as an oracle, or for a living and dead test, both of which are covered in this short but sweet download.

If you've ever wanted to perform the classic spirit bell act in close up performances, but don't want to spend the money, the pocket space required or rely on electronics to do the work for you, this concept is perfect for you.

You will also receive a link to watch Dee Christopher's own spirit bell routine on stage, to inspire your own performances and show you the power that this simple effect holds in front of real audiences.

Available for a limited time only, download instantly to learn and craft (craft is a strong word... it'll take you two seconds) your own spirit bell!



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