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This is an unprecedented offer that I've never run before - Any exclusive download from the site for just £10!

I've put a quick explanation of contents below, just choose which download you want to add to your cart from the dropdown menu!

Anate - A powerful linguistic force of a number + routines from Dee Christopher & others. ebook.

Article3 - A new method for the 3 article test, know which of 3 items the spectators each hold and give them an appropriate psychic style reading. ebook + printable assets.

Astral Psychometry - The latest 100+ page ebook from Dee Christopher featuring a variety of modern mystical mentalism. (Includes the incredible out of this world effect "Saints & Sinners" from the Penguin Live Act and much more!) ebook.

Blackheart & Bourbon - Nine of Dee Christopher's best mentalism effects, including colour sensing, psychicly tasting a drink your spectator has chosen with no peeks, revealing starsigns & predicting decisions via youtube. One of the highest reviewed books on this site! ebook.

Block - A powerful peeking gimmick built into a stack of business cards. video download.

Double Feature - Two powerful effects with an important lesson. Hollow man is a thought reading routine using normal business cards, and The Devil's Cut (featured in Genii magazine) uses an old magic prop you probably have at home as a powerful mentalism routine. ebook.

Deep Shadows - THE comprehensive introduction to Dee Christopher's work in over 300 pages and many, many effects and make at home gimmicks. ebook.

Deeper Still - The follow up to Deep Shadows, 18 more effects & devices over 130 pages. ebook.

How To Get Away With Murder - Replicate powerful psychic demonstrations of mind reading, prediction and psychokinesis across over 100 pages. ebook.

LD: Living & Dead Acts - Four approaches to the living and dead test, a classic in mentalism with a powerful payoff. ebook + printable assets.

October - A collection of powerful bizarre magic effects. ebook.

The District System - A versatile and unique system for mind reading and free will style effects. ebook.

Weapons Of Mass Deception - Stop of pulse using a stethoscope & heat your fingertips up to 100 degrees to melt plastic. ebook + streaming video.

Zodiac - Beautiful marked zodiac cards you can print yourself to reveal starsigns and thought of words. ebook + printable assets.



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