The Music

Alongside his magical performances, Dee also fronts electro-erotica band "Bring The Ghosts."


Fusing elements of dark electro, industrial and gothic rock; 'Electro-erotica' outfit Bring The Ghosts invite you into their world of seduction, romance and guyliner.


Their first single, 'Black Sheets' sees it's release in March 2014. This primary offering is laced with deep bass, distorted guitars and majestic piano, as well as varied vocal styles and heavily sexual undertones. This is music designed to get your heart beating and your loins burning.



Can't see the player? Click here: [Listen to Bring The Ghosts Now]


Bring The Ghosts are currently in the studio working on their initial album, for release later in 2014. They're also taking epic amounts of selfies, matching black on black and smoking out the shadows they've been drawing on their faces while you've been reading this.