Stapled FAQ

I've had a few emails about my new release; "Stapled." I thought the best way to answer your questions would be to put together an FAQ.


Does the billet have to be stapled?

Nope! Despite the name of the effect, the billet does not have to be stapled. I use the stapling process for two reasons. 

1. It gives me an excuse to handle the billet.

2. It means that if evidence is required after the fact, the billet must be ripped open, which destroys the secret methodology.

It's not necessary though, just the way that I get away with the dirty work.

Why put heat on the billet?

You don't necessarily have to put heat on the billet. If you don't staple it and say, "We'll just seal this billet in a little envelope" Or, "We'll just get rid of this." and put it in your pocket/the bin. 

I know some people prefer that kind of billet work. For me though, I think that (without a very good justification) points more towards the billet than putting a little focus on it though. Why have something written if no one is going to read it?

People don't forget that the've written something down. I justify the billet by performing in a psychometric sense and therefore stapling it shut means that there's no way that I or anyone else could accidentally or secretly spot what's written. If I'm using the peek for preshow, I seal it in an envelope and keep it on view so that we can only return to it if necessary.

A nice idea, which is inspired by my friend Jon Randall, is to have them write a fear or bad thought/feeling on the billet, put the billet in an envelope and burn it. Thus destroying the fear or bad thought. This gives you a reason to handle the billet, a strong hook and destroys all evidence with a good reason for doing so!

Why another billet peek? 

As mentalists, we're constantly creating and innovating, inspired by lots of thoughts and ideas attacking us at every angle. I love and use a couple of peek devices and Acidus as well as now Stapled. Different peeks in different scenarios - I also get bored easily!

When I showed this peek to lots of industry friends and realised that nobody had seen anything like it (bar Docc Hilford's "Dance of Shiva", which is drastically different), I thought that I should put it out on the market at a low price so that perhaps others may use or be inspired by it.


You can get Stapled here now and learn in high quality video instruction directly from me, from several different angles, learn how I used it when I pre-showed Lacuna Coil and some other thoughts and insights.