Killer Magic

** Latest News: Killer Magic just won "Best Non-Competition Show" at this year's Reality Tv Awards, beating giants like GoggleBox and Made In Chelsea! Thanks to all who voted for us! **

Killer Magic is a brand new 7 part series in which five young magicians (Ben Hart, Chris Cox, Dee Christopher, Damien O’Brien and Jasz Vegas) compete against each other in a series of tasks, in the hope of avoiding having to face a killer trick – a notorious illusion or magic trick that has jeopardised the lives of those who have tried to perform it throughout history. 


(L-R; Damien O'Brien, Chris Cox, Jasz Vegas, Ben Hart, Dee Christopher.)

With a new theme each week, each performer must create a trick that suits their unique, individual style to impress their conjuring comrades. Anything goes on Killer Magic – one-upmanship, trickery and even outright sabotage. By impressing their fellow tricksters, they must aim to get points and avoid being the lowest scorer, because the losing Magician will then risk it all and recreate an infamous, breath-taking trick.

The pilot episode transmitted on BBC Three on 1st April 2014 at 10pm with the next six episodes in the series transmitting every Tuesday starting 24th March 2015 at 10pm.

Killer Magic was commissioned by Zai Bennett and Alan Tyler, BBC Commissioning Editor for Entertainment, and was made by Objective Productions. Executive Producers for Objective are Anthony Owen who created the format, Nathan Eastwood and Andrew Newman. Series Producer is Toby Stevens.