10 Horror Movie Reviews In 3 Minutes!

10 Horror Movie Reviews In 3 Minutes!

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Sometimes, I don’t have the time or the energy to sit through a full length movie review, no matter how charismatic the host is or how much I trust their opinion. Now and again, I just want to get a super quick feel of whether I’ll be into a certain movie or not, or get introduced to something I might like that I’ve not heard of before.

Dee Christopher here, bringing you new horror fuelled content every Friday, giving you my recommendations on what to watch each weekend.

Today’s video is going to be a quick one, BUT, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I’m going to set the timer and try to review a total of TEN films in just THREE minutes. That’s just 18 seconds a piece, so let me know in the comments which one of these you’d like to see a full review on and hit that like button if you see something crop up that you like the look of.

Today is just a three minute long tongue twister, but stick around until the timer runs out as I’ll tell you where you can watch all ten of these films for free!

Ok, deep breath, here we go!

Confessional is a high concept horror that features a strong, if not charicatured cast. If you liked 13 reasons why, this will be your kind of thing as it touches on similar themes but in much a more confined space. Great idea, reasonably executed and has some intriguing plot points.

Terrifier gives you a week’s worth of daily doses of gore, with a side of gritty cinematography and a brilliantly expressive villain. All of the kills in this slasher are pretty brutal, (one in particular stands out)the ending is great and it’s a fun watch all around!

It follows features a sexually transmitted supernatural stalker, a very effective soundtrack and atmosphere over jump scares. It’s an interesting premise, but there are a few holes that you need to ignore. it’s very easy to allow yourself to get enveloped by the story though and it will tick many horror fans’ boxes.


The hallow serves us a focus on baby stealing monsters that live in the woods surrounding an isolated couple’s new home. There are some decisions the lead character makes that just don’t add up, but I didn’t feel like that took away from the feel of the film and I’ll really enjoyed the tone and the story in general. This is one to watch in the dark, late at night, but don’t expect to sleep well after doing so.

Sequence break is an enjoyable foray into retro sci-fi horror, revolving around an arcade machine repair man, an evil game and a budding romance. If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll enjoy it, it had elements of evil speak in there, but with a more relatable protagonist. I’d give it a strong six out of ten.

Spring is a hidden gem that has a lot of heart for what’s effectively a body horror flick. The two main characters are brilliantly written and acted and much of the film hones in on their relationship. I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t do any research before clicking play, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. Highly recommended.

Party hard, die young owes a lot to 90’s slasher movies, the format is pretty standard, lots of clichés, but feels aware. It’s modern and the neon party feel is fun. I didn’t switch off, but I also didn’t bring it up in conversation afterwards.

Antiviral is a strong offering from Branden Cronenberg, son of David. It’s a brilliant concept with solid acting and falls neatly into the body horror genre. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree and I find myself recommending this movie often, definitely worth your time!

Revenge has a lot of issues, but you’ll be more than happy to suspend your disbelief when you get into it. It’s beautifully shot, pretty extreme and like a more fantastical version of I spit on your grave. It’s got some ridiculous moments, but it’s an enjoyable watch indeed!

The Collector is like a grown up home alone, and it delivers on premise, gore and production value. If you’re a Saw fan you’ll particularly enjoy this one. The sequel is also great, with a very strong opening and I for one am avidly awaiting the release of the third film in the series!

There you have it, 10 films in 3 minutes, and you can stream them all for free in shudder right now during your free trial. If you’re not aware of shudder, I made a whole video on it which I’ll link below, with details on getting a full month for free, rather than just 7 days.

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Thanks for watching, my name is Dee Christopher and I will see you next time.

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