Killer Magic: Series One

The time is upon us - Finally, after years of work, the first series of Killer Magic will be on our screens tomorrow! (Tuesday 24th March, BBC3, 10pm!)

Produced by Objective Productions, this series puts four of my friends against me in a breath-taking battle of wits and deceptive skills to avoid being the one who puts his or her life on the line...

Each week, a theme (Food, Toys, Movies, etc) is given to us as a group and we must create a trick in our own individual style to impress members of the public, celebrities and each other. We score each other out of ten and whoever has the lowest score must recreate a Killer Trick; a stunt that has killed or injured magicians in the past! 

For the full low-down and to watch episodes, check out the Killer Magic page by clicking the image above, or the link below!

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